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Thank you for choosing Raising Vibrations. May you be guided naturally and instinctively to where you need to be. We are a lovely safe space for you to seek Spiritual Development, Healing, Massage and Meditation or to simply learn to find yourself.

Raising Vibrations is here to assist you to develop the ability to find your own personal power, to understand your body has its own ability to heal itself, and to awaken you to your “Life’s Purpose”.

Here at Raising Vibrations your Inner Balance can be improved and restored. Your body is nurtured, bringing many health benefits through Massage, and of course Healing Reiki. Holistic Counselling and Spiritual healing is also available to heighten your well being, raise your energies and boost your energy levels.

Whether you are a corporate woman of the 21st Century, a working mother, or simply run down or in a rut, it is time to visit Raising Vibrations to recharge those batteries.

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Awaken your Purpose

“Each one of us is totally linked with the universe and with all of life. The Power is within us to expand the horizons of our consciousness”

Louise Hay

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 Step into Your Power

Believe in Yourself

In courage we grow. When we make the decision to change, to take a leap of faith, to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and invite change, wonderful things start to happen in our life. Making the decision to heal an aspect of ourselves can take enormous courage. We stand beside you and honour you deeply, walking with you as you release and heal.


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PH: (07) 3876-2100

108 LaTrobe Terrace, Paddington, QLD 4064