What to Expect

A typical session lasts for one hour and begins with the client lying down on a massage table fully clothed, minus shoes and glasses if the client wears them.  Relaxing music is available if the client chooses, but is not required.  We make every effort to be sure that each client feels safe and comfortable.  Before your session begins, you can discuss any of your thoughts or concerns.  You can also choose to talk or ask questions during your session or relax and remain silent, meditate or nap.  The provider will work above your body or lightly place their hands on various parts of your body.  If you do not wish to be touched please let your provider know. They will feel for places where the energy is stagnant or where the energy is deficient. They may work with the chakras, acupuncture meridian lines or areas that they are drawn to work.  You may let your provider know if there is a specific area that you would like addressed.


The provider may feel heat, cold or a tingling sensation in their hands indicating that there is some type of block or stagnation of energy in a particular area.  They also receive impressions about an area or areas of a person’s life that may need attention.  They will usually relay her impressions and what she is feeling with her hands to her client during the session, but sometimes will wait until the end to go over any questions or feelings (both physical and emotional) that come up.


Most people feel very relaxed as sessions allow for the release of physical, emotional and spiritual pain or blockages.  This allows the individual to begin making the necessary changes, and shifts in awareness towards a more positive life experience.  We find that energy medicine has a cumulative effect and so when you treat yourself to regular sessions, better health and well-being are natural outcomes.  At the end, you and your provider can check in about anything that came up for you during the session.




Please provide 24 hours’ advanced notice of any changes or cancellations.

Appointments that are missed/rescheduled/cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be billed the cost of the appointment booked.


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