House Clearing

A Healthy Environment

House Clearing

Clearing Your Space

House clearing, also called space clearing or geomancy, transforms energies in your environment to make it safer, healthier and happier for you, your family, your pets and plants.

Space clearing is the single most important investment you can make to create a safe, successful life for yourself and your family.

Living Well

To live well, you should be in harmony with your environment. If your inner and outer environments are not balanced, you will experience (among other things):

  • Ill health in you, your children, pets and plants,
  • Sleep issues including nightmares,
  • Broken or difficult relationships,
  • Problems in your career or business,
  • Emotional challenges such as depression, OCD, ADHD and moodiness,
  • Financial problems.

House Clearing Tools

“He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.”

Marcus Aurelius


Clearing Your Home

Your home will be fully cleansed, cleared of any unwanted or negative energy, using the beautiful symbols of Reiki, sage will also be used. Each member receives a healing as part of the cleansing.

Your house will be given a beautiful blessing, and you will be advised as to what you may need for aftercare for the home or family members.


All pricing on, the online booking.

Price can vary depending on size of the house.

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