Client Love


Client Love

Rhiannon Mclean, Ballerina

I connected with Jo over 10 years ago now, and she is the person I seek out to check in so that I am accountable for my own personal development. There are many times where we need richer, deeper perspective and clarity, Jo has been like an angel lifting me up when things have felt bigger than me. Returning to ‘ballet’ performance after 9 years was one of those moments! With Jo’s unique coaching skills, healing and guidance, she was able to help me navigate this massive conquest with absolute reassurance as if she was holding my hand all the way. Thankyou beautiful Jo.


Rhiannon Mclean

Ballerina from Brisbane

Jo is a spiritual gift to Brisbane, Australia and the world.

Let me explain what I mean.

For the past 12 months, Jo and I have been meeting in her East Brisbane studio where I presented with medication-resistant, long-term depression and an existential fatigue that left me housebound.

Jo has an innate understanding of the human condition. She listens with compassion. She has extraordinary intuition. She asks the right questions.

With her superior intelligence and generosity of spirit, Jo creates a safe environment for deep and connected trust. Once the issues are identified, the sacred healing begins.

In Jo’s healing room, miracles happen.

She is a divine healer who channels health and wellbeing direct from the universal source.

Her clairvoyant capabilities allow her to see hidden truths. Sometimes, I’ve not mentioned an issue and yet it comes up, bold and pulsating like a fourth-dimensional last piece of the puzzle, that provides the completed picture.

It’s magical. It’s exquisite. It’s profound.

Jo’s powerful healing encompasses all levels – physical, emotional, psychological and, of course, the most magnificent of all – spiritual.

To Jo, I am forever grateful.

She orchestrates my spiritual transformation where I’m now living the life of my dreams.

Kay Nicol

Former Publicity & Marketing Manager at ABC AUSTRALIA

Emma Jane

Nurture For You

Jo THE healer!

‘Our first session, involved a giant clever/magic man, (spirit guide).

It was like a healing ceremony that replaced my battered and traumatised heart with a fresh new one! We cut big ties with an old lover who’s ex wife used black magic to hook my energy…This was done in a hour before lunch on a Wednesday. Jo is one of a kind and you will be blessed merely by being in her presence. I was walking wounded, tried to be positive, and put a smile on my face amidst the drain on my energy and old scars I carried for so long.

In one session with Jo, she wiped away my darkness.

She continues to be the calm voice of reason in a transitioning world, holding the light up so high for us to see the path clearly.


So much love,

Jodie Mitchell

CEO, Real Estate, NSW

I’m from the UK and had followed Jo’s Facebook page “Raising Vibrations” since around 2012. In 2015 I got curious one day and looked up where she worked from and saw that she was literally minutes away from where my younger brother had just moved to all the way on the other side of the world in Brisbane! I finally met Jo in person this year (2019) six months after we had lost my older brother. Up until that point I had done my best to heal and deal with my grief, fragility and exhaustion but I was in a darkness I just couldn’t get out of. From my very first appointment with Jo I felt that darkness lift in a way that I find it hard to describe in words.

Since then we have worked to heal my past traumas and mental and emotional blocks to a point where she has now catapulted me into really coming into my own. She has helped me to believe in myself and my own abilities and I feel a comfort in my own skin and a love for myself and a connection to others that I’ve never felt before!!. I feel like a completely different person. I always knew since that discovery back in 2015 that Jo would come to play a part in my life and she sure has, she’s beyond incredible!!

Rita O

Actress, UK

Anderson Tan


Jo has the unique ability to meet you where you are, dive deeper and work with you to discover underlying insights, some you were never aware of. She is caring, supportive and holds space for you to unravel with such care, safety and trust. Jo gets to the core of emotions and energies very quickly, it can take months to achieve such progress with my psychologist. She works with you to move through major blocks and then works with you to rebuild. You learn lessons about yourself in the now or from a child and how they manifest into life today.. I often meet Jo with such uncertainty, anxiety and fear and leave grounded, have more energy, kinder to myself, validated, understood and supported!

Jess T

CEO, Brisbane

I was grieving the loss of my mum, I was feeling very stuck as absolutely nothing seemed to be moving or taking off or expanding in my life… nothing properly fit despite all my efforts, I kept questioning myself, nothing was working out, I was in repeat cycles, and loops. Exhausted in my efforts, but not getting far, becoming frustrated, tired and with no energy.

I feel very blessed for the shifts that have been happening since I started working with Jo. She creates a safe space of love, presence and truth. She often feels like a lifeline, just when things start to muddle and build once more, she recentres and reminds me that everything is perfect as it is, lessons are being learned, and the knowing is already within; it’s a matter of reconnecting with full acceptance and trust. I often walk away feeling clearer, lighter and freer both physically, emotionally and mentally. Even when we dove into a topic that felt quite dark for me, Jo gave me the warmth and support I needed to transform the memories on a physical and mental level. I’m very grateful for her and her work!

Anna J

Teacher, Melbourne, Australia

I am so grateful to be able to write this testimony for Jo, as I can truly say after many years of seeing so-called spiritual experts in this area – Jo ‘changed our lives’.

I had been stuck for so long in what seemed like an endless nightmare, where not only work colleagues were so toxic and at times just downright cruel, but what was happening in our home from a paranormal aspect was affecting not just my marriage, but our kids, (especially my son) and pets. From the moment Jo walked into our home (now ex home), she knew what was happening and felt instantly the horrible energy and entities that surrounded us and she rolled her sleeves up got straight to work on clearing what needed to be expelled. But she didn’t stop there, after clearing and blessing the house, she also cleared all of us and saw that there were better times ahead and stated that we would leave our place and find a house that would be our home, that had a beautiful energy.

Well four months later, here we are in our new home, with everything we could have wanted. The kids are happy, our pets are less stressed, and my marriage has improved 100-fold. Work has become enjoyable and more positive, with new colleagues joining the team, while the other toxic ones have either left or have changed their frequency for the better. Jo has a beautiful energy that is uplifting and genuine, which is so hard to find in this world today. If you need direction in your life she knows exactly how to help.

Thanks Jo, you are a god sent angel.

Steve R

Corporate analyst, Brisbane

Prue Dudley

Jo is the first healer I have ever spent time with, and I wish I had discovered her beautiful gift years ago, as I have been lost and exhausted for years

Her empathy and compassion has always made me feel safe enough to be totally honest with myself as we work towards healing from hurtful and traumatic and exhausting experiences. I feel 100% supported, accepted and loved and truly believe she saved me during the most difficult time of my life…. I have renewed confidence and more energy, I will forever be grateful for what she has done for me.


Corporate Executive, Brisbane

I just had to stop by to say how EXTRAORDINARY my connection to Source is… Everything is happening so fast. There’s no processing or contemplation time… I ask, get a response, take action, solved.

And I just channelled my own conversation with Keith… He’s been around ever since I saw you. Nicely. And I just closed my eyes and it all just flowed… I could tell when it was ‘my head’ that kicked in and was able to instantly get back to pure channel and connection.

It’s just extraordinary. And beautiful.

Thank you for what you facilitated on Friday (and all the times before). I feel so blessed to have you in my life.

Cat Matson

Founder, Impactful Presenters

JoJo, I’ve said this many times over the last 10+ years and I’ll continue saying it … you are a cherub, you are amazing, you work miracles. You’re gorgeous inside and out, you’re 100 percent angelic. I am so very blessed to know you and call you my friend. Words just aren’t adequate to describe your awesomeness. If anyone reading this just doesn’t feel ‘right’ in life and can’t pinpoint it or wants a better quality life or wants to change their life, JoJo is your wise gentle guiding hand. Don’t think ‘maybe another time’ or ‘life isn’t that bad really’ or ‘maybe life is just meant to be this way’. We can all lead the life we want in pure joy and love, and JoJo can take you there. Book a session, be open and honest in her space, and you will leave wondering why you didn’t do it years ago as you float out of her room.


Founder, Impactful Presenters

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